Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The thing happened again this year. Like every year. Italians outrage for the neighbouring vote from Greece to Cyprus and vice versa for example, but at the same time they expect and demand votes from San Marino for Italy and yet themselves usually forget to vote San Marino (when they can). This year this war was taken to another level. San Marino's wikipedia page was altered right after for example, social medias were filled with hate and dislike towards the microstate and its jury was crucified. San Marino's vote was found nauseating, someone wished Italy cut their power supply for 48 hours to make all their food go rotten, someone wanted to tear the country down and make it a parking lot, someone didn't want to share his oxygen with Sammarinese, they wanted to build a wall around it, flush them down the toilet, move the country to Portugal.... have a military invasion to occupy them.... the list is endless. 
So much that Sammarinese couldn't take it as humor anymore but reacted. 
The Head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni wrote about it on SMTV's webpage, and President of the Sammarinese jury, Fabrizio Raggi defended himself and the jury fiercily in Facebook after the attacks towards them and him in person were reaching ridiculous dimensions. Corriere Romagna newspaper even went speculating Raggi, as President of the jury used it as his personal revenge for missing points from Italy for Valentina Monetta in 2013 and 2014, when he was the Artistic director for the act - and Valentina's close personal friend. One can check the votes, they are public and indeed he gave the max points to Gabbani, and any journalist should check his facts first. 
It worth remembering San Marino gave Italy 3 points, Portugal 12. Perfectly in line with the other countries and it wouldn't have made any difference even if they gave Italy 12 and Portugal 0. 
Capicchioni points his finger on today's "people on web" and the newspapers that are ready to accuse without knowledge, throwing ideas based on false facts etc. He found the threats of militar invasion, forbidding access to the sea and other stuff rather amusing at first and then continues writing about all the things the "people of the web" got wrong and even shameful, taking a full stand on the Sammarinese jury and its professionalism. Setting the facts right in short. Listing all the years in ESC and JESC that Italy and San Marino have been able to vote each other. Take a guess who's been more generous? And voting very much in line with the rest of Europe and final results?
And who hasn't? The one time San Marino was in the final (2014) and finished in midtable in most countries ... which country's jury placed it 26th?

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