Sunday, May 14, 2017


RAI got the best viewing figures since Italy's return to the Eurovision song contest last night when the show was moved back to Rai1 and up to 15,1 million watched the show at least for a minute, and the average of 3,7 million watched it properly, that's +13% to last year! Call it Gabbamania but also RAI was giving bigger effort than ever with advertising the show beforehand. 
The most watched moment was the ending of Gabbani's performance when 5,3 million Italians were clued to their television screen, and the biggest share (32,2%) when Portugal was declared the winner. Most importantly, Eurovision beat the worst enemy, Maria De Filippi's Amici!
The show was also a social media success with 739.000 interactions on Twitter and Facebook - that's +259% people! And all that by about 200.000 individuals (+600%!). 
The Director of Rai1, Andrea Fabiano who was present in Kyiv, declares he's very satisfied with the result and considered Eurovision a priority program for the channel to develop and cherish and thanks Gabbani, the whole delegation and all various Rai staff that united for this project. 
He also says organizing the event in Italy would be an unique and unforgettable experience both professionally and personally, and says Rai is more than redy and willing to do so in case of victory (the same was said earlier this week in a press conference by Head of delegation Nicola Caligiore).
And there's even more: He said Sanremo Festival should take example of Eurovision for its rhythm, dynamics and technical level. 
How things change. Only two years ago after winning Junior Eurovision Italy showed no interest to host the show and declined the offer without too much thinking. 
Some Italian fans are already worried and speculating Italy might disappear again after this failure - yes, only sixth place can be considered a defeat - but hey, cut the drama. Italy was again the best Big5 with another Top-10 finish....
Italy is back and ready to win!

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