Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Ok, just when you thooght it was going smoothly and the money and energy was not wasted for nonsense, mayors of three cities in Portugal demand an open bid: Guimarães, Faro and Santa Maria da Feira. The Lisbon Eurovision tram is going uphill.....
Why not let RTP and EBU just concentrate on next year's event in peace without all this useless process as none of the cities has no real chance to host it in the first place? They don't have international airports and suitable venues to start with. People are crazy everywhere, anything for a moment in a spotlight and five minutes of fame.... But let's look what these cities have to offer?
The History of Guimarães, situated in the north of the country, is associated with the foundation and identity of the Portuguese nationality. It has a population of less than 160.000.
Faro, the southernmost city in Portugal near touristic hotspot Algarve has a population of 65.000. It has a roofless stadium with capacity of 30.000.
Santa Maria da Feira is located in the north-west and has a population of 140.000. It has a science museum and is famous for Fogaça - typical sweet bread.

PS. Lisbon's MEO Arena is the only existing arena in Portugal that meets the standards as you can see in this list. It's unlikely RTP is able and willing to start using money for covering stadiums or rebuilding some old warehouses  or similar for the purpose as Danes did in both occasions (2001 and 2014)

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