Monday, May 15, 2017


RTP didn't waste time with useless open calls and submission and wasting everyone's time and energy not to mention money like has happened in previous years when cities have been welcomed to submit their proposals in name of openess and fairness. Or then they just don't have other choices (Porto?) as this MEO Arena in Lisbon, formerly known as Pavilhão da Utopia and Pavilhão Atlântico and built for EXPO 1998 was chosen in 24 hours or so. Then again, maybe they came prepaired, after all RTP has had 53 years to think about it! It's one of the largest indorr arenas in European Union with capacity of 20.000.
Now that sorted out RTP can put their energy for other matters. Like the image of the show, logo and slogan. I hope they take inspiration of the lovely Portugues ceramic tiles I just love!

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