Sunday, May 14, 2017


The streaker who jumped to the stage while Eurovision winner Jamala was performing last night and lowered his pants showing his arse to the world in live broadcast has been arrested and identified. He's journalist Vitalii Sediuk, a know streaker who seems to be doing stuff like this as a hobby. Recently he has been caught grabbing Gigi Hadid and trying to kiss Kim Kardasian's bum. He has also harassed bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt and America Ferrara among others, and was expelled from the USA. Now he can expect a heavy fine or even prison up to five years, confirms Ukrainian minister of the interior according HS. Sediuk says he only wants to entertain people..... 
Kudos to Jamala who didn't miss a note and kept a straight face all through it!
Last time something like this happened was in 2010 when Spain got an extra dancer on stage when infamous Jimmie Jump entered and joined the choreography before being chased off by the guards.
In Helsinki 2007 someone tried to get on stage while Sweden was performing and was stopped just before he entered the tv screen. No footage has ever emerged but I was there and witnessed with y own eyes....
The mots famous streaker is however in 1966 when someone walked on stage with banner "Boycott Franco & Salazar" after the Swiss entry.

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