Tuesday, May 23, 2017


EBU has released today data of the viewing figures for the Eurovision song contest 2017 held in Kyiv, Ukraine earlier this month. A drop was expected as Russia decided not to broadcast it but the drop is less than this blogger expected so who needs Russia anyways?
The audience share remained the same as last year, 36,2% in the 42 markets of the competing countries. That's more than a double of the usual Saturday night prime-time share in these countries.
The online viewers more than doubled from 2016. Over six million viewers in 233 territories watched the shows on official Youtube channel and a total of 8,5 million on-demand. (Does that make it 196.500.000 viewers?)
The viewing figures broke records in both winner Portugal and runner up Bulgaria. Italy also did its best result since rejoining the contest in 2011. Host country Ukraine also did the highest figures in eight years. The highest share was once again registered in Iceland: 98%!
In general the Eurovision song contest once again attracted about four times more children and young adults  (4-15, 15-24, 25-34) years old) in front of the television than usually.
I guess we can call it a success despite or because of Russia after all..... and the UEFA Champions eague matches during the semifinals

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