Wednesday, May 10, 2017


This wonderful thing happened exactly ten years ago. hell froze over and cows flew after Finland won the Eurovision song contest after 45 years of trying. And finally Finland got a chance to host the show and did it. The Finnish way..... Jaana Pelkonen and Mikko Leppilampi were hosting, the best hosts of the 2000's as voted by readers!
Watching the show again one can only be proud of the opening and interval acts; they still look good. A right doze of national clichés, modern dance and stage tricks, beautiful colors and Finnish folklore and culture, not forgetting Kalevala, after all the stage is also inspired by that!
The semifinal was the hardest and most cruel ever: 28 countries! Eurovision veterans Evridiki and Edsilia Rombley among others were kicked out. Here's the recap of the semifinal:
And here are the ten qualifiers:
Enjoy the whole fabulous show here:

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