Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Italian satirical program Striscia la notizia has awarded Francesco Gabbani with legendary Tapiro d'oro aka Golden tapir for his failure in Eurovision song contest in Kyiv. The show, that is ment to be a parody of real news, literally the news slither, is known to award people who fail the expectations, make mistakes or just make fool of themselves smoehow.
Most awarded ones take is with humor (but not always!) as did also Francesco Gabbani commenting "I failed because I wanted this award! And because I am a supporter of the unexpected. In Sanremo I was not given a winner and the situation changed completely. When I left for Kyiv, however, I was given a super favorite and I said 'Yeah guys, we're going to go and sing a song in Ukraine ...' and so it was."
He was also asked if he was drunk like suggested by BBC. No, but the gorilla maight have been.....

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