Friday, May 12, 2017


How times flies? It feels like last week when ten years ago after two weeks of 24/7 Eurovision hassle non stop the grand final was here, I was sitting in the audience waving my Finnish flag and feeling so sleepy.... Amazing two weeks, house full of people, writing for a website, staying in the arena and in the press center from early morning to late night only to contnue to day at the EuroClub. 
Amazing production also the final with Lordi's opening video and live performance. Who could forget Krisse, the princess of the republic? Jaana Pelkonen & Mikko Leppilampi the fantastic hosts? Santa Claus! The Apocalyptical interval act with more heavy rock than all other Eurovisions put together.... I'm a proud Finn!
 Such wonderful colorful memories!
Here's the final recap:
And here's the full show:

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