Sunday, May 14, 2017


This year's Eurovision was the usual love love peace peace fest it always is. It seems also that the many promotional events from London to Amsterdam, Madrid to Riga and especially the long one to Israel has bonded the artists together more than ever. Or so it seems following their social media updates as they sing together, they spend time together, they praise each other, they promise future collaborations together. That's the beauty of Eurovision. Uniting people. Europe. Artists. Love love peace peace indeed.
This year was a special one on screen, too. First the Macedonian postcard, kept secret until the live broadcast, revealed lovely Jana is pregnant (and she may not be the only one....) but a bigger secret and revelation came later: her boyfriend proposed her in Green room in front of all of us and she of course said Yes!
And can we forget the passionate kisses after their performances by Navi Band's Arciom and Ksienija, and Romanian Ilinca and Alex? if anyone had doubts if they are dating.... check out the fiece kiss Alex gives her....

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