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Mixed results for viewing figures across Europe. Some broke records in positive, some in negative. And it will be interesting to see how much the Russian non-broadcasting effected in the end once EBU publishes the total figures....

Portugal got over half the nation watching the historic first Eurovision win, 57%. An average of 1,4 million watched the show going up to 1,8 million when Salvador Sobral was on stage and peaking at 2,5 million when the voting ended. 
Italy got the best viewing figures since their return in 2011. 3.741.000 (20,17%) watched the Grand final beating Amici in the other channel which is major news. Over half a million viewers watched the semifinals on Rai4, and those who watched the shows at least for a minute nearly 15 million!
France got good figures when 4,7 million (26,3%) French preferred Eurovision over The Voice and tuned in. Even the semifinals scored more than half a million viewers (573.000 and 572.000)
Hungary: The viewing figutes went up to 20% for the Grand final where Joci Papai finished 8th. An average of 798.914 (27,3%) is the best since 2014 when Hungary finished 4th with Andras Kallay-Saunders. 211.817 (6,1%) watched the first and 412.291 (12,3%) the second semifinal. 
Denmark: 1.213.000 watched the Grand final in Denmark, an increase of 440.000 compared to last year when Denmark failed to qualify. The first semifinal got 481.000 and the second with Denmark in got 1.118.000
Belgium got the highest figures since 2000 in two channels, 1.740.000 (17%) Een's peak was Blanche's performance at 1,6 while La Une peaked at 652.000 while voting. 
Netherlands did well with 4.067.000 (26%) for the Grand final and 1.446.000 and 2.451.00 for the semifinals plus additional 2.124.000 for the pre-show before the final.
Norway went Eurovision crazy and 78% of the viewers chose the Grand final, or 1.354.000 viewers, and an extra 24.000 watching it online. 
Australia's love for ESC continues: 541.000 woke up at 5am to watch the show live while 1,1 million tuned in fro the delayed broadcast on Sunday evening. A total of 3 million viewers watched the show either live or delayed this year. 
Cyprus: Hovig got 57% of Cypriot viewers infront of the TV screen for the Grand final or 136.170. Less interest for the semifnal with 63.640, almost the same number watched the pre-show before the final. 
Croatia got an average og 666.498 for the final, just below 50%. Best in eight years. 
Slovenia got a peak of all three broadcasts when homeboy Omar was on stage, 202.000. Otherwise the average for the first semifinal was 154.800 (8,2%) but despite him missing the final more people turned in, 166, 600 (8,8%) while the second semifinal got an average of 67.900 (3,6%)

Bad (or not so good anyways)
Spain got the lowest figures in ten years. 4.056.000 (28,%) average for the Grand final. That's 236.000 less than last year. 
Germany lost some 1.570.000 viewers when an average of 7,760.000 tuned into see them avoid the third consegutive last place. The peak was 9,3 million. 
United Kingdom got 6.727.000 (35,24%, down 3%). The peak was 8,5 million (61,4%) in the end of the voting. 
Sweden scored the worst figures since 2010 losing over 800.000 viewers compared to last year's final from Stockholm. But tit is still very respectable 2,849.000 and 1.337.000 and 887.000 for the semifinals. 
Finland: Only 525.000 (44%) watched the Grand final due to the absense of Finland. The same 525.000 watched the first semifinal where Finland took part, but only 177.000 bothered to watch the second one. 
Iceland had a similar story. 162.000 watched the first semifinal where Iceland failed to qualify, the second one got only 99.000 and the Grand final 153.000. Compared to last year that's 38.000 less.... However in shares Eurovision scored 97,5% of viewers.....
Switzerland: There was an increase of viewers (about 50.000) but an average of 272.000 for the Grand final without Switzerland and 24,2% was only the third most wayched programme of the evening. The second semifinal with Switzerland got an average of 223.000 and 18%. SRF didn't broadcast the first semifinal but only the highlights before the second semi for 90.000 viewers.
Austria scored an average of 896.000 and a peak of 992.000 when Sobral was crowded the winner. Sounds good but that's actually a drop of 368.000 viewers compared to last year. 2.959.000 viewers in total watched the three shows. 
Estonia is one of those rare countries were the national final is getting more viewers than Eurovision itself. Only about half of Eesti laul viewers tuned in for the Grand final after Estonia failed to reach it, 135.000 vs. 292.000.  That's 157.000 less than ESC 2016 final. The second semifinal when all was still fine and full of hope got 248.000 viewers. 
Czech Republic scored the lowest fugures since their return when less than 200.000 tuned in for the Grand final with a peak of 188.000. The semifinals scored 145.000 and 101.000.
Romania: An average of 561.000 with a peak of 807.000 watched the show in Romania being the second most watched programme of the day with 11%. But still the lowest Grand final score ever. 
Poland scored a peak of 3,1 million watching Kasia Mos and an average of 2,7 million (24,9%) for the final. The first semifinal average was 1,7 million (13,2%) and 1,3 million (10,5%) for the second.
That's a huge drop from last year's over 5 million and 41,6%.

And finally, over four million people have followed the Youtube stream for the Grand final according EBU. 

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