Friday, May 12, 2017


So, first of all everybody sung better than in the first semifinal I think. Artists seemed more relaxed and some did a very good job, maybe their best until as far as I know. The opening number was fun and funny how Fairytale sounded as it always does among this Ukrainian treatment :-) It was full of Ukrainian flavour and flowers. Not outstanding but entertaining and good.
As for the performances Serbia came across a bit angry while Austria was relaxed and laidback as always oozing charm and likability.
Macedonia totally stole the show with her A) pregnancy news in the post card and then B) marriage proposal in the Greenroom. Sadly it was too late to help her with the votes. Otherwise she performed very well tonight. I was pleasantly surprised.
Malta did a great job as always and I was almost with a teary eye thanks to Claudia but  it was soon forgotten with Romania's gun power. It was good but I expected a bit more ooomph really. Netherlands went by, I can't get myself touched with that song in any level. They sing well but.... meh.
Hungary was great and I was so hoping they will qualify and they did. One of the biggest joys of tonight! During Denmark we had some minor sound problems but as it has never been a favorite of mine - indeed it wasn't even in my prediction list - I didn't really care. Apparently she had the longest golden shower in the Eurovision history of 1479 songs so far....
Ireland did a good job but it wasn't enough sadly. 
San Marino had so much fun on stage it trasmitted across the TV screen and the added laughter at one point was genuine and spontaneus, I can tell. Sadly once again they didn't make the final. I have a feeling they might have done it with the televoting but the juries put them down once again. 
Croatia was somewhat not so effective when I saw the televison version, I was expecting sharper cuts from one voice to another but it sailed through. people like wierd things.
Norway used recorded vocals with permission and some other special effects on screen and despite the common belief that made me drop it out of the prediciton even if I wanted it in the final they did it. Switzerland followed with one of my favorite songs from this season. I don't really know how she sung as I noticed myself singing along every word. Shame they didn't make it. Even if only for the colorful staging and her dress that will enter history books.
Bulgaria did a solid job. The staging and the special effects on screen worked. Somehow it's a bit too perfect and a bit cold but it's a beautiful song sung perfectly and will be fighting for a Top-5 finish for sure. Lithuanian Pikku Myy sung her song with determination and I had some disturbed will to have it qualify just to shake up things a little but no.....
Estonia started the song with a closed microphone (?) but went on and they performed it well. The staging and the song are a bit weird but I love it and it's sad they got lost in the arena (of Verona, pun intended)
last but not least Israel, orphan of a broadcaster, gave a performace of his lifetime. It was as pretty as Imri himself, all worked and he even hit the notes. 
Verka's adventures continued and interestingly they cited the last Italian victory in 1990.... and later a fake Verka from Finland was seen as well. A nice reminder of Helsinki 2007 Eurovision...
So, that was it. A pretty solid show witout highlights - except those provided by Macedonian delegation. Oh the interval act? Honestly I didn't watch, never gt those artistic dance acts really....

Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, 
Israel,  Italy, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal

Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
22 Ukraine

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