Sunday, May 14, 2017


Let's have a look at the finalists and their placings in the final. The whole Top-3 trio Portugal, Bulgaria and Moldova made their best result ever, which I find wonderful. It's always a pleasere when a new country wins and some other breaks the previous record.

Winners (finalists)

Belgium can be happy, their third  consegutive Top-10 finish, and second in Top-5.
Romania scored its best in six years.
Hungary was its 3rd best ever.
Sweden scored sixth Top-5 in seven years.....
Croatia scored its best since 2006
Norway got it's fourth Top-10 in five years... 
Netherlands was again around 9th-11th, third time in five years (add the silver in 2014)
UK got its best since Blue in 2011.
Germany gets better every year: 27th, 26th and now 25th.... :-)

Losers (finalists)

Italy was expecting better so 6th place might be a let down but we have to remember
 it's their 5th Top-10 in seven years....
France got their 2nd best since 2010 but they expected better
Spain got its worst ever. First last place since 1999. Fifth last place in overall.
Israel got its worst since 2006 
Ukraine got its worst ever, the previous one was in 2005 when they also hosted
Belarus got its second worst ever
Azerbaijan hasn't reached the Top-10 since the voting scandal erupted...
Armenia has a funny track; every other year in Top-10, every other 16th-18th
Cyprus is stuck at 21st place - third one in 7 years (add one 22nd, too)
Greece is stuck at 19th-20th - third time in four years
Finland: third failure in a row against all odds


Albania missed the final for the 5th time in 7 years
Switzerland missed the final for the 9th time in 11 years (and they came last in final once)
Czech Republic - six entries, one final so far
Estonia's second failure in a row, that hasn't happened since 2004-2008
Ireland failed for the 4th year in a row, followed by the last place in 2013....
Iceland failed for the third year in a row
Latvia scored it's 4th last place in the semifinal in 9 years
Macedonia failed for the 9th time in 10 years
Montenegro fialed the second year in a row
San Marino: eight partecipations two last places (if they leave Eurovision as rumored they started with the last place and end it with a last place....) - one final

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