Friday, May 12, 2017


Less than 30 hours before the final Italy has lost its number one place in the betting odds for the first time since it was announced the Italian entry after winning Sanremo! Portugal has been close and getting closer the past few days and today finally reached and passed Italy. Barely.
Amar pelos dois is also charting in iTunes all over, in 18 countries while Belgium is charting in 17 and Italy only 13. Sweden and Bulgaria chart in 12 as we speak. It's worth mentionin iTunes isn't bible and other platforms like Spotify are much more common in some countries....
Maybe it's due to today's weird rehearsal where he mumbled something like he had to do different stuff as there are so many rehearsals. In a way he has been mocking Eurovision since he arrived, telling he doesn't like the music and that this isn't his place and world. Mind you I love this song, but his attitude irritates me, and we certaily don't need an Eurovision winner who spits at the plate and bites the hand that feeds, and disappears within a week. Let him come 2nd and everyone wins. 

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Milan S. said...

Well I would infinitely prefer a Eurovision full of such songs and performances, even if the performers didn't think highly of it - than a Eurovision with 42 generic acts, engineered to optimize crowd pleasure (let's not forget the mandatory "Thank you Euroooope!"). As music lovers, I think we should need exactly such winners.


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