Monday, May 01, 2017


It's already a tradition YLE dusts off some old Euroviisut broadcasts for the May Day and today is no exception. On Yle Teema channel at noon we have again Eurovision Brunch with the Finnish selections of 1993 and 1994. HAPPY WAPPU EVERYONE!
The 1993 was a bit special one as that year YLE invited four super ladies for the competition: Katri Helena, Paula Koivuniemi, Marjorie and Arja Koriseva. Each had two songs selected from the submitted ones and the whole show was very low key in YLE's studios. Katri Helena's Tule luo was a clear winner.
In 1994 it was back to normal, big show in Tampere talo. But it was a flop, they didn't manage to fill the concert hall even half way, maybe due to the very unknown line up, but in television it was a success when almost 1,2 million watched CatCat march to the victory with Bye bye baby.
There was the telvoting for the first time and the votes were given out by regions plus the ones from the audience in the hall. CatCat won four out of the five regions, only the Southern Finland prefered slightly Susanne Sonntag's En dans på livets vågor, a song in Swedish, and the audience in the hall Indiana's Hän lähtee tänään that finished 6th....  The other artists were Janita, Tarja Lunnas, Rio, Marina Siegfrids, Sari Sakki, Dario and Tauski. Most of them are totally vanished and forgotten today
Sadly these programmes are only watchable in Finland in YLE's Areena...

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