Wednesday, May 10, 2017


So, Finland flew away from the 10th place in the bedding odds. As 10th it was overal last night and 5th in order to qualify for the final behind Portugal, Sweden, Armenia and Belgium. Same for Georgia, out as 14th overal, Iceland 19th, Czech Republic 20th, Latvia 21st but Montenegro was already 27th and in theory out like in reality. 
The support and shokh after non qualification has been overwhelming and even those few who didn't like the song have been surprised to say the least. (Add a few odd "I told you sos" as always though)

Finnish media took on the fact it's third year in a row we didn't make it. All are praising Norma John and the peformance and wonder why. Norma John themselves have been composed and calm in their comments: "Of course it would have been nice to be in the final but what can you do? No explanations!" says Lasse in HS. "There are worse things in life than dropping out of Eurovision final" continues Leena with a laugh. "Third year in a row but what can you do? We did our best and more we couldn't do and we are very happy with the performance!" Lasse also tells Finns not to take it so seriously and not put the "depression hat" on. 
They continue telling they are an indie band already being here is a victory. "It's a win-win situation for us. No need to regret we ddn't try it" says Lasse. Their plan is to sleep this off and then head for the studio to make more music and eventually try to release an album.
HS continues to speculate why we dropped out. Until Saturday night we don't know how people and juries voted so until then we can only say other countries were voted more in this very hard semi with a lot of good songs, better than the one coming up on Thursday. Also our regular voters Estonia and Norway were absent but then we had Sweden and Iceland in. Maybe the performance was too simple, to stripped down and just too difficult? Too much or too little? And this is Eurovision - anything can happen.

Blackbird, blackbird, 
don't sing to me, don't sing below my window, 
fly somewhere else, don't bother me 

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