Sunday, May 07, 2017


How have the winners of Eurovision ending with a "7" have been over the decades? Some iconic stuff here really. Let's have a look...
1957 The Netherlands won their first win of many to come shortly. A very clear win (31 points to France's 17) for Corry Brokken and Net als toen
In 1967 United Kingdom won with Sandie Shaw's Puppet on a sting. An evergreen and back then a very uptodate sound. And she was barefoot. Something unheard just years before when the artists were still in tuxedos and evening gawns. And another very clear victory (47 points to Ireland's 22)  
In 1977 France won for the last time so far. I'm sure they didn't think it would take this long to win again having used to win every few years really. Marie Myriam's L'oiseau et l'enfant is one of the most loved Eurovision tunes ever, and for a reason. 
In 1987 Johnny Logan. Hold me now. The first ever double winner (and so far only)
Do I need to say more? It was another very clear win  (172 vs Germany's 141) 
1997 United Kingdom again. Katrine & The Waves and Love shine a light. Their last winner, just like France.... and another clearer than clear win (227 against Ireland's 157).
And in 2007 Serbia's Molitva by Marija Serifovic. The last song that has won without English lyrics. The first country (since 1956 but that doesn't count) to win at its first try. 

So in short. In the years with a seven, the winner tends to be very clear one (with the exceptions of 1977 and 2007). And it tends to be also a Big5 country or a founding Eurovision country (with the exception of Serbia).... Why this all makes me think of a certain  Big5 country, singing in its own language, one of the original founders and with a record breaking win to come? Ommm....

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