Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Here we go again, moment of truth. The juries have voted already last night but the televoters have their say tonight and in the end of the show we have the ten finalists while for eight delegations it's game over.  Trying to guess the finalists is harder than ever, I have like six sure entries and seven maybes when writing this, and I may change my mind before the show starts, and then again during the show. It's a very good year! And that's a problem, I like 13 songs out 18 a lot, and they are  not necessarily the ones I think will qualify, so.... sigh. But more about that later....
What I have seen it's going to be a great show, but that bloody break just before Finland! Not happy. Not at all. It breaks the flow and Finland would have been such a contrast after Montenegro, but than again, I'm confident we will make it anyways because it's just so fantastic! We will get to see also one minute footage of the last night's performances of Italy, Spain and United Kingdom who also vote tonight.
Ukrainian hiphopper Monatik opens the show and intruduces us to the hosts Vova, Alex and Timur and the show is one. The next break comes after Iceland. Jamala provides the interval act performing 1944 with a new symphonic arrangement and dancers. Later on we have Verka Serduchka and her mother making us laugh a bit before Jamala returns with her new song Zamanyly.
Below you can see their arena performances from last night's jury final and some video greetings we have gathered the past week just for you!
Here's the backstage before last night's Jury final..... 


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