Wednesday, May 10, 2017


YLE was quickly to congratulate Norma John on social medias for the great job on stage and during the whole Eurovision period. 
IS interviewed "empty eyed" Leena and Lasse right after the results were out. "We go straight to hotel to sleep. Tomorrow's another day. No party" the disappointed duo says. "You never know what happens. We are not disappointed in our performance but this is Eurovision" They plan to stay in Kyiv till the end, do some sightseeing and enjoy the city and most of all support the other artists they have made friends with this spring. 
The speculation on reasons continues in IS: They talk about the neighbouring voting, Greece and Cyprus as an example, and the fact that there were a lot of bad singing and false notes last night, even to Eurovision standards and this blogger agrees, I don't remember such a feast for ears for a long, long time!  They take as an example the disaster that is Blanche. (I would like to add Isaiah, Lindita to start with) Yet she qualified and has to suffer on stage another three minutes.
IS also points out the song didn't quite across as fragile and emotional as in UMK for example, when the audience erupted in spontaneus applause during the song here and there and broke the illusion.
They also critizise the choise of the recap where we only mostly saw Lasse's piano playing in the first longer one, but in the other one it was a different cut. I agree. This is done by the delegation itself, not by EBU or the organizers. Finnish team had chosen those. Was that a mistake?
Finally they take on UMK. It doesn't interest any big names - many of the artists in Eurovision ae local stars - so UMK is made for new mostly unexperienced names and fans. (And yes, it's coming again next year....)
The comment box under the article in IS is flooded by comments like Finland should not take part, Finland sucks every time, Finland is a favorite every year etc. the usual stuff from Eurovision haters. Wasting the tax money and Eurovision has nothing to do with music bla bla bla. Sad. 
The comments in IS care a lot more positive than those in IL praising the duo and wishing them good. Apparently. When you dig deeper the routine Finnish to kick someone who's down takes over. 

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