Thursday, October 22, 2015


The rumor gets stronger and stronger: Laura Pausini will be in Sanremo 2016? But hold your horses, she won't be in the competition but as a guest, and possibly the co-host? Last time Carlo Conti took two singers, Emma and Arisa next to him and this year he wants them both in the competition again. Time will tell if that will be the case. Both have already won it, too, and Emma has even done Eurovision while Arisa has declared several times she wants to do it. Would it be too soon for her to win again?
But back to Laura. She's one of those stars born in Sanremo. She came, sung La solitudine back in 1993 and won the newcomers and charmed Italians and half of Europe alike. Next year she was back among the Big and placed third with Strani amori. Since then she has become a worldstar with over 70 million sold albums, been back to Sanremo twice as guest star (2001, 2006), she has dueted with countless local and international stars, been nominated and won Grammys and other awards. In 2006 she was even awarded the third highest civil honour in Italy, Commander order of merit of the Italian republic by then president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. 
Next month she will release her 11th studio album Simili, with the first single already out (below)

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