Saturday, October 10, 2015


Rámon Melendi Espina or simply Melendi is a Spanish pop rocker with a hint of flamenco and rumba. Before taking on music he tried Formulas (just like his class mate Fernando Alonso that he even wrote a song about) and football. He was a party boy and waiter until in 2004 his music career took a fortunate turn when Vuelta a España chose his song Con la luna llena as its theme song. His debut album sold gold but the second one already multiplatinum as did all the following albums each making it to either #1 or #2 in the charts. His songs include Tocado y hundido, Autofotos, and Tu jardin con enanitos. He has even dueted with Laura Pausini in my favourite Pausini song, Entre tu y mil mares! He might be refreshing entry for Spain with a good song. Maybe.
His latest offering La promesa is below:

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