Sunday, October 18, 2015


Mietta. The one that was supposed to do Eurovision 1990 but then Toto Cutugno, already on RAI's payroll got a job in the very last minute. She was the hottest female singer in the early 1990's collecting awards and top placings in various festivals, released hit albums with songs by Amedeo Minghi and Mango among others before she started to experiment a bit with her music and success vanished. She's done eight Sanremos, winning the newcomers in 1989 and finishing in top-10 five times. She's become an actress and a writer, too, and a mother. 
It's been four years since her latest album, she has tried to get back to Sanremo (or so it is rumored) almost every year. Hopefully Carlo Conti will take her this time and relaunch her career big time. And it'd be time she does that Eurovision, too. After all she's got one of the best voices and is one of the most beautiful women in Italy. The world deserves to see and hear more of her!
Her latest releases are duets from 2013: with Arhia Io per te and Poi torni qui, with her brother Valerio who took part in The Voice. Below is her latest Sanremo effort from 2008.

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