Saturday, October 10, 2015


This week it was Antti Tuisku's day, and one of the episodes I looked forward the most. 
Meanwhile his version of Vicky Rosti's Eurovision 1987 entry Sata salamaa stays as number on both on official singles chart as well as download and streaming chart. In the radiolay it jumps from 71 to 19. And as we talk about charts Maija Vilkkumaa's day last week created to hits: Anssi Kela's Kasarin lapsi made an apperance in the download charts at 17 while Sanni's Ei entered the charts at number 4. 
This week Vicky Rosti made wonders with Antti's Hyökyaalto and I wouldm't be surprised at all t see it charting next week..... But now to Antt's songs.

VillaGalle Vs. Antti Tuisku - Peto on irti
Antti's latest hit gets a makeover by VilleGalle with the usual rap, vocal samples and lyrics changes. With added jungle bet as the title (Beast is loose) suggests. Not my cup of tea, as is Antti's original. 

Anssi Kela Vs. Antti Tuisku - Vaarallinen
One of Antti's older songs turned into guitar driven pop, sounding very Anssi Kela. It is becoming very evient this year a number of artists are not getting very variable but making most every song they cover sounding like their own, in their own genre. Which is kinda fine, I guess....

Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. Antti Tuisku - Tyhjä huone
Maija made this song her own with guitar rock arrangement and changing a couple of lines in the lyrics. And doing so she created something magical, the intense story got a new meaning, Antti himself was visibly holding his breath while listening. The song's attitude changed from sadness and debression into I don't care, I'm over it, almost sung with a smile.... Excellent!

Pave Maijanen Vs. Antti Tuisku - Sekaisin
Pave is clearly musically much more experienced and talented than the younger ones, if we look at the capacity of taking a song, taering it apart and creating something totally new from it. He made this a pop reggae that fit him very well, even echoying his own superhit in the 1980's.... Good job!

Sanni Vs. Antti Tuisku - Yksinäinen
Sanni declared she was a huge Antti fan, her bedroom walls were covered with Antti posters and she knew all his songs by heart. This ballad was a very meaningful for her and even if she didn't really do much else than updating the sound into Sanni-esque electropop ballad she sung it from her heart directly to Antti and for a moment it was like there was no one else in the world who can understand what they have been through.... She said if someone told that teenage Sanni one day she would be hanging around with Antti and singing to him his song she would have literally died..... Good no one told her so we could enjoy this one.

Vicky Rosti Vs. Antti Tuisku - Hyökyaalto
The most perfect Eurovision song from the 2000's sounded like a perfect Eurovision song from the late 1980's sung with such conviction by Vicky with that amazing voice you wondered what just happened. This was like sata salamaa's long lost twin, not identical but twin. Another very well done cover by Vicky.

In the end Antti chose Sanni as his duet and they sung Yksinäinen together. So many songs were left unsung like Rakkaus on, Rukous, Juuret.... 

You can watch all the performances here

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