Sunday, October 11, 2015


As Finland will be using UMK again for the national selection for the Eurovision song contest it will be hard to tell what the outcome will be. Hopefully YLE and UMK team got all weirdness out of their system last time and for 2016 will concentrate again on things that matter: a good song and a singer who can sing. Also, we never know how many songs were submitted nor who were left outside if 2015 is to repeat itself. Unlikely any big current names will be there, nor major has beens looking for a relaunch so let's concentrate on new fresh names, like Ritarit.
Ritarit is a duo made of Jooel Jons (of Lake Jons) and Emmanuel Laudic (aka Manu of Eva & Manu). Their debut single comes with a great video and Manu even sings in excellent Finnish, he's French actually. Eva Louhivuori (aka Eva in Eva & Manu) has written the lyrics. So, if Eva & Manu that I would love for Eurovision won't do it as themselves, they could enter in disguise as Ritarit. Pretty please?

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