Saturday, October 17, 2015


Anssi is a very talented songwriter, and this episode turned out to be one of the most interesting ones when his songs with minor changes turned out something different and in most cases something very good. In his own words: These kids come and show how it's done. Damn! He also confessed enjoying being the Artisti Anssi Kela these days more than ever. He came down hard from his debut albums 160.000 sales (13th most sold album ever in Finland) but is back in business today enjoying his fame and success. 

Pave Maijanen Vs. Anssi Kela - Milla
Pave turned this originally for a movie written song into a rockabilly swing affair. Nice and fun, but that's all I guess. The original is great.

Antti Tuisku Vs. Anssi Kela - Kaksi sisarta
Antti gave this a makeover modernizing the sound and bringing out the melody. The result is rather etheric and epic. Antti lost himself in the interpretation but in a good way. He has really proven he can transmit emotions and bring out new things in songs. He might be the big winner of this experience this year.... Anssi was impressed.

Vicky Rosti Vs. Anssi Kela - Nostalgiaa
Anssi chose one of her latest tracks unlike the others, and the faith is Vicky did the same. From his latest album this song turned into a 60's fun shoo-be-doo la-la-la ye-ye kinda thing.... Like with Pave not her best efforts.

VilleGalle Vs. Anssi Kela - Puistossa
Ville brought in Jare, his JVG partner on stage with Alexandra Babitzin (Kirka's daughter) who delivered the vocals for this 15 years ago and never met Anssi again btw. Anssi told beforehand he was never very proud or fond of this song despite it being a huge hit and after Ville's performance said "the song came home". Indeed, it was Ville's best performance so far I think. The original had a minor hip hop vibe, now it was brought in the front line. Very good.

Sanni Vs. Anssi Kela - Levoton tyttö
Anssi watched with teary eyes and in silence when Sanni took her guitar and without band belted this out. This was his comeback hit in 2013 and he confessed he had tried to make a man & a guitar arrangement never really nailing it. But Sanni did. He was left pretty speechless. And Sanni proved once more she's not just a singer with a funny voice but a talented musician. Great stuff!

Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. Anssi Kela - 1972
Maija gave this a bit more modern arrangement and made it rather athemic power ballad. Curiously Anssi had chosen as Maija's song Luokkakuva, that deals with the same idea; an old school photo and what happened to everyone after and where are they now. Paths cross again. 

In the end Anssi chose Sanni as his duet partner. Was there ever a doubt about it? Very good episode and excellent versions mostly. Maybe the best episode so far, after all.  A couple of songs I would have wanted to here, Mikan faijan BMW and Nummela were not chosen by anyone though.

You can watch all the performances here

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