Wednesday, October 21, 2015


And the last group of artists following the semifinal one, two and three. I have picked up 32 big names in Finland, mainly from the pop genre. I have on purpose forgotten harder rock, punk and complete schlager singers. What do you think? Would this kind of approach give us any fruits, domestic hits and success in Eurovision like Melodifestivalen does in Sweden? Please comment in the box. Dreaming is free..... and We have a dream.

Paula Koivuniemi
Grand old lady has never won Euroviisut despite multiple tries. At 68 she can still show the youngers a lesson or two how it's done! In any genre.
Anna Eriksson
Anna was ripped back in 2000 Euroviisut and since has become the 4th best selling female artist ever in Finland. She's one of the best live vocalists around, has stage charisma and would be awesome. Only that she doesn't want to do it it seems.... We all are allowed to change our minds....
Isac Elliot
Ok, I just realized he's still too young (he'll be 16 in December 2016). Oh well. He should be here anyways as his career includes already two albums, several hits in the past 3 years. And he's just signed for an American label so .... Let's do Sandra Kim here in case....
Krista Siegfrids
The one and only UMK artist that made a career of it - or despite of it. Snobbed at the Voice she has taken a sweet revenge beating also those Voice contenders already. Second album coming out with already several singles from it she's this close making it really big.
Jontte Valosaari
Up and coming. Still. He needs a little push to move up the steps. This could be it. Pop-rap. 
Neljän Suora
Popular live band with already 8 albums. Still not quite there so like Jontte this could make them. Finally. They are quite popular on radio though, but maybe people just don't know who they are....
Sanni hit to success with her debut and the second album made her even more popular. Finally Vain elämää showed she's also a musician and not a pretty singer with blue hair and funny voice. Time to take her seriously.
It started as a joke but now they have a string of hits and four albums. VilleGalle made them known for a wider audience than teenagers and rappers in Vain elämää

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