Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sweden's Melodifestivaen brings together every year the big names, well known names, a few new names and mixes a show that appeals to most Swedes - and not only. UMK in Finland has been changing from ... well, I don't know what it was ment to be really. In the current form no big names seem to be willing to be part of it, and if we think these years it has been running it has produced only one star: Krista Siegfrids, and Softengine to some level. Mikko Pohjola was ment to become big for example, but nothing happened. From last season's finalist NONE made any impact in the charts or music industry and all are already forgotten. Sad but true. 
So, let's play with the idea UMK was actually remodelled with MF style. Big names, four semifinals and all. This is my outtake or who I would have invited for the first new styled UMK that I would also rename as Euroviisut. Simple as that! One can dream, right?
Check out after the jump my choices for the first semifinal. And tomorrow more.....

Jari Sillanpää
As popular as ever and more pop than ever. He has enjoyed with Sinä ansaitset kultaa one of his biggest hits ever this year. It's no secret he would like to give Eurovision another go.
Mikko Pohjola
His runner up Sängyn reunalla was ment to become a megahit and then went nowhere. 
He deserves a second chance.
One of the finest voices, a bit lost with her material in my books, and in desperate need of a hit she could call her own. And she's Eurovision friendly, too, and it's hard to think she'd go through UMK again to achieve her Eurovision dream anytime soon.....
Eva & Manu
Already loved by many and especially critics. They deserve to become a household name. They have also some international experience already. They could be so big. 
Antti Tuisku
The best selling Idols participant, enjoying a new found success and has proven to be a real artist in Vain elämää. He'd be Eurovision perfection but no way he'd do UMK. 
The outsider. Unknown and up and coming. This could be his breakthrough.
Kaija Koo
Leading female singer of the 1990's is still enjoying huge success. She's here for granted. She already did Eurovision as backing singer, she could go and show how how 50+ ladies can do it, too
 (France, shame on you!)
Haloo Helsinki
The best selling band of the 2010's. Hit after hit. A perfect add to the line up. They just ended their triuphant tour before going on a one year break, but this is a dream set up, so.....

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