Saturday, October 24, 2015


Sanni is the youngest and with the shortest career in this season. Yet she has won Emma, the Finnish Grammy as the best female artist, and her 2080-luvulla has been voted the best song of 2015 already. She writes her own songs and plays violin and guitar. But surprisingly the oldest artists really convinced with her songs making them their own and showcasing their quality. Sanni's electronic sound and style was turned into something else with excellent results...... Somehow I almost like all the Sanni covers more than the originals.... what it tells about me. Or Sanni?

Anssi Kela Vs. Sanni - 2080-luvulla
Anssi brings this song to 1980's in the sound and in my opinion does his best cover so far. Excellent, I almost like this more than Sanni's original! Incredible but true. His falsettos and Sanni's tears mean a success. This could become the next iTunes chart topper.
VilleGalle Vs. Sanni - Prinsessoja ja astronautteja
Sanni's debut single. The one that made people either love or hate her, there was no inbetween. The almost ment as a joke marginal song became an event and made her a star. As usual he raps and has changed the song around a lot. But all in all quite interesting.
Vicky Rosti Vs. Sanni - Jos mä oon oikee
Vicky confessed she had no idea who Sanni is, and she had no intention to start listening "some blue haired bimbo's" albums so she asked help from her daughter ho picked up 3 songs for her to choose. She declares she loves this song and is filled with respect for Sanni now that she's got to know her. And her love for the song shows; besides Sanni also Antti and Ville were in tears. Sanni was speechless. Vicky did a fantastic job with it. Another hit for her and a song to add to her gig line up from now til forever......
Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. Sanni - Sotke mut
There's something about Sanni's music as even Maija manages to get rid of her usual style and gets very groovy with this one. The hidden between the lines sexuality of the song gets a bit more in your face in Maija's version (and body) but it's not a bad thing. 
Pave Maijanen Vs. Sanni - Me ei olla enää me
Pave did his best cover and brought this Sanni's biggest hit to another level, to a different universe. Just him and guitar and a very stripped down arrangement. Everyone stopped to listen very seriously. Sanni said it's crazy to listen someone else telling her story to her. Pave may have scored a hit here. 
Antti Tuisku Vs. Sanni - Pojat
He had sampled Sanni in this fight boys vs girls. He got everybody on their feet to dance along. Not my type of music but kinda fun to listen. Once or twice. Propably people like this.....

In the end she chose Maija to duet with her. So she got to sing with her long time idol!

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