Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Ivana Spagna. She's ageless. She has so many careers it's hard to keep track. First steps with Mamy Blue in 1971 (remix 2012 as Kika le Pen) and a band with her brother and then boyfriend touring Italy with minor success. In the mid 80's a change to disco and soon she was the Queen of Eurodisco all over Europe with Easy Lady, Call me, Every girl and boy, I wanna be your wife..... albums made in the USA, being guest star in Sanremo.... In 1994 Elton John chose her over many (including Laura Pausini) to sing the Italian version of Circle of life from Lion King. The year after she debuts in Sanremo with Gente come noi, finishing third beating Andrea Bocelli with Con te partirò, 4th. She's back in 1996 with E io penso a te (4th) and an album that sells over 400.000 in Italy alone. She returns to Sanremo a few times (including epic Con il tuo nome in 2000 that deserved so much more....), last time being 2008 with Loredana Berté in Musica e parole, that was disqualified, but attracted the peak of audience during the festival. 
Her biggest fame might have been a bit lost the recent years but she's back big time  with Magic of love,  Baby don't go and Straight to hell (below) This blogger thinks it's time for her to return to Sanremo, and Stockholm would do very nicely, too! After all, hands up who doesn't remember her?

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