Saturday, October 03, 2015


The EXPO 2015 exhibition has been a success for tiny San Marino. By the end of September over 240.000 people have visited their small but cute paviglion in the Bio Mediterraean area. That's about 7,5 times the population of the whole country. Also, September has been the busiest month so far with 3000-4000 daily visitors and October is expected to top even that. Also the income from the sales has been excellent as you can taste and enjoy some Sammarinese food and wine there. Also some very nice merchandise is on sale from pins to t-shirts and hats not forgetting the beforementioned food and wine. This summer I didn't know what to pick as I wanted it all..... Now we are onto the last month as the EXPO 2015 closes on October 31, 2015. If you haven't been there hurry up or.... wait for the October 28 because.....
San Marino closes its success with the best possible and the most logical way: Sammarinese of the Year 2014 and their biggest star Valentina Monetta will give a concert on October 28! Be there, if you can!

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