Tuesday, October 20, 2015


And we go on dreaming. After my totally impossible semifinal one and two here would be the dream team for semifinal three. If only..... Who knows? Maybe one day soon we will have a good old Euroviisut back? With big invited names next to open submission.....

He has scored a huge hit with Vadelmavene and a succesful album, collaborated and written songs for others, incuding SAARA. He'd be a good addition for the line up.
She just made a succesful comeback after becoming mother with her 4th album that she again wrote, arranged and produced herself. She'd be Eurovision made in heaven for me.
Juha Tapio
Already for years a top selling male artist with catchy songs. Hasn't failed one album since he made it big and the string of radio friendly singles is endless.
The king od Fin-rap, who can fill up Helsinki Olympic stadium. Twice. The best selling Finnish artist at the moment. Rap and Eurovision doesn't match, we have seen that in the past but with a good featured vocalist and a good show, who knows...? His new album was out last Friday and by Saturday the Finnish Spotify Top-10 was filled with those ten songs. Yes, from 1 to 10, only Cheek. Apparently a world record.
The latest Idols winner took her time to release her album. Maybe even too long, who remembers her now? She's got a great voice and deserves another chance to shine.
Waltteri Torikka
He came out of nowhere, got all ladies wet and won Tähdet, tähdet last fall. Now he has released a pop opera album. A must in the list as of today. Hit it while it's hot, as they say.
Teen sensation has released so many albums in the past few years with success I can't even remember them. And he's finally old enough to do Eurovision. Enough said. He has also hinted of songs in English as his wish is to make it abraod, too, Beware.
Johanna Kurkela
The whispering fairy with Nightwish connection. She's popular and sells, yet maybe missing a proper hit in the past a couple of years. She's original and interesting. And already missed Eurovision train once, time for another try!

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