Monday, October 19, 2015


Follow up to this post. One can dream right? Here are the artists for the second semifinal, hand picked by yours truly.

Lauri Tähkä
He has been very succesful with his ex-band Elonkerjuu and in his solo career. He's got his own style with ethnic elements that might work also internationally in a situation like Eurovision.
Ok, like MF also here we need a teenage heartthrob. Apparently he has a following in some countries already, a fact that might help with televotes.....
The young tango king has made a comeback with a succesful album this year. Here he could make a smash with a pop song displaying his gipsy roots.
One can't ignore the rap & hip hop scene that seems to be the best selling music genre at the moment, and Elastinen is one of the leading figures in it.
Jenni Vartiainen
Everything she does is a success. Could she translate the domestic success into international stage? 
Elias Kaskinen & Päivänsankarit
Up and coming band one tiny step from megasuccess. This could be it.
Kalle Lindroth
Yet not quite there as solo artist but with the right song he might move on top of the list.
Laura Voutilainen
One of the best show women in Finland, great singer and countless hits and show productions. She would feel at home at Eurovision stage and easily top her previous time, that didn't quite work out for various reasons.... she's wiser now.

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