Sunday, October 25, 2015


Switzerland has one of the most insane selection formats there is. SRF has the open internet submission that closes tomorrow, and you can find pretty much everything in there. Old Swiss Eurovision participants like Barbara Berta or other veterans like Slovenian Omar Naber, national Swiss finalists like Gisel de Marco or Swedish like Velvet, or names like Ylva & Linda, who are everywhere, have submitted a song. Along with some illusional people who actually seem to think they have a voice and can sing or write a song. 

The entries come from all over over Europe from Finland to Greece, from Spain to Netherlands, Italy and Montenegro. Then we have also UK, USA, Australia and India in, along with Russia, Spain and Lithuania. Just to name a few. This said, it seems this year the selection is more Swiss than in previous years, and also a bit more professional. Maybe. The portal hasn't been flooded with amateurish rubbish shot in one's bedroom as much as before. Which is a relief.
But as previous years prove hardly any, if any, of these entries will make the cut, and especially the foreign singers don't seem to have a chance getting no further than this online voting that in the end has no weight whatsoever it seems. 
Now let's see some other entries I find worth a mention. 
Patric Sccott is back with No boundaries. The song's topic is very update and let's see if Eurovision will be flooded by entries about the refugees, like the fall of Berlin wall did back in the early 1990's. 
Elias Bertini with Elephant, 18-year-old Vincent Gross with Half a smile woud follow the guy & guitar trend. Inna Siegrist with Feel it now may have been inspired a bit of Latvia's entry last year. Stanley Miller is an American Madrid based singer/songwriter/actor and gives us Feel the love. Clearly one of the finest voices and songs among here. But what's Miller got to do with Switzerland? Italian-Swiss band Serrano Terrace with Magical also has it all nicely together. Joseph Marino has a lovely piano driven ballad The world in you. Giuseppe Scaramella is back, of course. Dianaerika Lettieri has two songs, Per sempre isn't that bad really. Rino Dilugano is at it again as well with Dimmi se c'è. Then there's Lino Lavisto with summery Sempre lei. Max and the Ducks are already a regular in the Swiss selection despite being Finns living in Spain. This This Bond is tight went to #2 in the Finnish download chart already..... Seyran is an Azeri but working now in Germany, Switzerland, Russia... he tries with Keine Angst. Last but not least here's Tandem with Song
The one I think may have the biggest chances to qualify - for all the wrong reasons though - is Inge & The TritoneKings. On the other it does have some Nina Hagen-esque charming qualities! In the end I wouldn't mind.
All this said and waiting for the rush of submissions for the last hours one can only hope this one is included. It has all the right ingredients and would make a perfect entry. And it's very good! Better than any of those mentioned before.....

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