Friday, October 02, 2015


France has made public its method of selecting their entry for the Eurovision song contest 2016. In short an open song submission for (almost) anyone, but the final choice will be strictly internal. But - a couple of things in the rules are worth pointing out.
First, anyone can send in songs, but the artists must be able to sing and promote the song in French. And in English. The song must be in French with max 20% of its running time in other language. All fine here. French should stick to their French, oh oui!
Also, France2 wants to have all the power in the song's visual promotion and marketing and all that, yet it must be all paid by the artist's record company/artist/management. I suppose that will make many turn down the opportunity to send a song. I propably would pass it, if I have no say on anything but still have to pay for what someone else decides for me..... Not cool.
Finally, the strangest rule is about the age. If BBC went for minimum age of 18, which is perfectly fine for many reasons, France2 has set a maximum age of 50. What is 50 today?
What if this was the year Mylène Farmer decided she'd fancy Eurovision this year as she's having a new album out in November? She can't, too old! Or Patrick Bruel, Jean Jacques Goldman, Jeanne Mas... Pascal Obispo, Etienne Daho, Zazie.... the list goes on.... sorry, you are all too farts by France2. 

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