Thursday, October 01, 2015


Diogo Piçarra is the Idols winner back in 2012 in Portugal and today an all around artists, writer and producer. He has lived and studied in Czech Republic as well as London and has been building his career slowly and released the debut album only after all these expriences. You can found on Youtube a lot of covers he has done over the years, including Stay with meSay something and All of me as well as his original songs like Verdadeiro, Tu e eu and Volta. Below is Breve. No wonder he was voted the Best Portuguese Youtuber in 2014!
Portugal has been looking for the succesful recipe for 5 decades now, could this be it? As they don't seem to want to take from their rich traditional music heritage like Fado or borrowing some Brasilian rhythms ... This will do (instead of some borrowed useless europop written propably by foreigners). At least for me. 

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