Friday, October 02, 2015


Italian artists who sing in English are a rarity. (The big names go for Spanish and Latin market and make wonders there from Pausni to Ramazzotti, Ferro and Nek.) Not many have made a career of it, if we don't count some dance acts. Those who did - Alexia, Spagna and Elisa come in mind - have sooner or later switched into Italian after all. Now all of sudden we have two new very interesting debuts in English.
First of all Michele Bravi. He won the X Factor, got songs written by Tiziano Ferro among others for his debut album and EP. The EP was a success with #1 La vita e felicità but everything ever since went downhill and it seemed he'd be yet another forgotten winner. Now he's back with the single The Days and new album I hate music. (I suppose he means music business....:-) ) All of sudden he's very interesting.....
Virginio Simonelli, another reality talent show winner (Amici). Similar story, after initial success a career that went downhill fast. His biggest success remains Ad occhi chiusi. He's back now with a new sound and attitude as well after three years break. Meanwhile he has been writing songs for other artists while thinking where to go with his own musical direction (including Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue duet Limpido, Raf, Paola & Chiara). What do you think? Do they have what it takes? Are we going to have a new international Italian superstar anytime soon? And how would they fit into Eurovision? 

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