Friday, October 09, 2015


Lithuania. The country of the most compilcated and senseless national final process the past few years. After following it more or less without a clue the past two years now it seems to make some sense, after the revamp of the rules and process. The call for songs is now open until December 1, 2015.
First of all now it has been divided in two categories; artists only and artists with their songs already. And this time the artists will stick to their songs and don't swap them every week. 
In short there will be 20 artists selected who don't have a song. They will get one from the submitted songs without a singer. Aka the artists only category. Then there will be 20 artists who have their song already. 
In the first four episodes there will be 10 songs each (10+10 of the artists only, and 10+10 of the artists with a song) and five will be voted ahead by the jury and televoters. The 40 songs/artists have become 20. The remaining 10 artists only will be featured in the episode 5 where only five will be left. The same goes for the artists with their songs in episode 6. 
In the episode 7 these categories are finally united and the ten songs and artists compete against each other. Once again half of them will be gone and we have only the final five left for the episode 8, the final. And whoever makes it this far will go to Stockholm for Lithuania.
Will it be Mia, twice the runner up already.... or has she thrown in the towel? 

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