Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Giorgia. My Eurovision wet dream since forever. Hopefully one day it will happen. Once again the winner of Sanremo will be the first option for Eurovision and one can only hope Giorgia would give Sanremo (and Eurovision) another go. After all, she should have been there already back in 1995...
Her career started in Sanremo with E poi, a classic today and she has scored there a victory (Come saprei - that could have been the Italian entry had RAI taken part...), one second place (Di sole e d'azzurro) and one third place (Strano il mio destino). She's got nine albums, a few lives and compilations, all have sold multiple platinum. She's had a taste of international success. Has several important international collaborations. Most of all she has a string of wonderful songs like Marzo, Gocce di memoria, Il mio giorno migliore, Quando una stella muore, Non mi ami and È l'amore che conta that you see below. Wouldn't that have been a wonderful Eurovision entry? There's even a great English version of it? I'm a hostage of Giorgia's voice. Let it be heard in Eurovision asap!

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