Thursday, January 29, 2015


Angelo De Nile travels throuth time and space and was born in Ninive 2768 years ago. Right. Actually it's a project by Kimmo Blom, currently also in the Voice of Finland, and already in national Eurovision selection as a member of Boys of the Band in 2010. He's a history freak and as Angelo promises to bring the big names from the past alive again, so get ready! Behind his song are guys from some hardrock bands like Leverage and Urban Tale. His incarnation as significant men from the past will provide us a spectacular soundtrack in the future, should he have success with this. Maybe. His hero is Marcus Aurelius and if he could do whatever he'd sneek into Vatican museums at night and spend the night with the masterpieces. All for victory then? Being an emperor in a real world isn't always easy.... 
Jack: Angelo de Nile's song is rather dramatic but boring at the same time, if that's possible. It wouldn't sound out of place in a theatre production but this isn't the theatre.. I don't think the song is good enough to win the Finnish ticket to Eurovision however he could squeeze through to the final, if he performs it amazingly. 2/5 

Timo: First I was thinking this could be something, interesting beginning. Then he started yelling and volume went up... but was that all there is??? It was like 800 meters run where you only run about 200 and walked the rest. When will skies open and hell get loose?! 2/5

Michele: Angelo de Nile, between rock musical and Disney soundtrack. Not among the most original and innotative things I've heard. No, it doesn't convince me. At all. 2/5

Blogilkar: With the first hearing I was still kinda excited, he sings (or shouts) well, there's a melody, even if heard a zillion times before. But like other reviewers have already mentioned it's not going anywhere. It's not hardrock enough, it's not pop enough but a not working compromise = dull. Then I also made the mistake of checking his videos on his youtube and his attemps being funny (I suppose) are just a bit pathetic and not funny. If you have created this mysterious alias, stick to it in a proper way. Don't be an unfunny joke. This is a wasted opportunity 2/5
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