Thursday, January 15, 2015


Äänenkantamattomiin (liberally translates to Where voice won't reach) is the second entry my little panel will judge. Vilikasper has already tried his luck in The Voice and Idols not quite making it yet. (There's a rumour he's also taking part in The Voice this season). Music and skateboarding are filling this hipster's life since years and for him writing music is a bit like a diary, a way to deal with feelings and emotions. The first album he bought was Aqua's CD including Barbie girl but today he's a big Ed Sheeran fan and thinks his strength to be remembered is his personal way of singing. The song is written by Vilikasper, his father Jari Kanth and Vesa Lappalainen. Did you know Vilikasper is one of the three acts in #UMK15 having Sami roots?

Timo: Another similar (like Hans on the Bass, read yesterday's review) ... the name of the track means where the voice won't reach, unfortunately this voice won't reach that far ... not even close ... I do not like this kind of guitar playing – it's more like a street musician style 2/5

Michele: Fresh sound but not very strong. Becomes repetitive very fast and feels longer than three minutes. Easily forgettable. 2/5

Jack: This is nice and quirky. He could make the final with a strong convincing performance but at the moment, I am predicting a non-qualification. It's also a bit too repetitive and I don't think the song is strong enough to make an impact. Not bad but not great either. 2/5 

Blogilkar: The song isn't bad but there are so many similar around. He says his voice sets him apart from the others and indeed it does. Or rather his way of singing. One could argue is he raping the Finnish language in verses with his pronunciation and it's very close to being annoying rather than interesting. I like him but expected more from him judged on his previous efforts. Shame. 2/5
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