Friday, January 23, 2015


Opera Skaala is a group of professionals and for this Eurovision adventure we have in the front line opera diva Essi and sound wizerd Visa. Both have a long CV in music studies and experiences. Culture and arts in all its forms are close to their heart. Essi is also interested in acting and performing and in Opera Skaala she can take that to a whole new level. Visa is also involved in Helsinki-Cotonou Emsable that plays west African woodoo music, his debut solo album is shameless fusion jazz. he has also arranged strings to bands like Sunrise Avenue. He has also released techno and downtempo as Binary Boyz for an Italian label. They think Finland couldn't send a better combination to Vienna than a fusion of opera and EDM with a huge stage spectacle. Heart of light is just that. 
Operatic Dance Music
Timo: Well FINALLY, now we are talking. This is something that awakes feelings. This has been heard in Eurovision before but anyways. This is daring, shameless. This is the way to do it. Should I give five? What the hell... 5/5

Jack: Opera Skaala's song is fun and I am sure her performance will be very entertaining. Personally, I don't think it's the best however I can see the appeal and therefore I'm sure she will qualify with ease. 3/5

Michele: If the ultimate goal is to stand out and get noticed then we are on the right track. The last time that Finland has sent something out of  ordinary they won. The difference is that, despite the high risk of "freak show"effect, this is an entry of great impact. The song is less memorable ... but it is in fact more of a show than a real song. Trash? Probably ... but well executed. 5/5

Blogilkar: Many are comparing this to La voix or Svet z juga, but those two were pure schlager, this one isn't. In fact this break the main rule of an Eurovision entry with its almost total absense of a chorus. It's daring, crazy, weird and fascinating. You keep listening and wondering what comes next over and over again as you just can't remember what comes next indeed. First hearing left me very confused yet interested. Then I started imagining how wonderful staging one could do for this. If we take hint from the video what would be better place than Imperial Vienna? A real opera diva on stage, some baroque dancers going wild, those kaleidoscopic images in the LED-screens (that would be a nice reminded or Helsinki 2007 as well). Can't help but give it a full 5/5

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