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Pihka ja myrsky is a band founded back in 2012 and is a mix of capital Helsinki and eastern Joensuu. It includes two brothers and one married couple. Lasse, the lead male singer is also part of Ukkosmaine, and Henna, the female singer has done musicals. Band members hobbies include football, video games, movies and dogs. They describe their music as stadium pop with two lead singers and EDM played with real instruments aka ODM. They released their debut album in March 2014 and have released several EPs online in 2013-2014. #umk15 could just be their big break through....

A very cute band full of pop music lovers.

Timo: Pihka is like something from a fairy tale or children's song ... Some good ingredients but it remains somehow unfinished... However appropriately weird but yeah, still nothing earth shaking 3/5

Michele: Not understanding a language implies that the melody should be the backbone of a song in order to attract the attention of the tv viewer. Here you are in front of a song that is well-produced, modern, with a nice arrangement and idea ... but it lacks a hook that would remain in the mind of the listener without understanding Finnish. It sounds more like an arrangement than a real song. I appreciate anyways the intention and respect the job done. 3/5

Jack:I think this entry is fantastic. It's so hard to predict who will and who won't qualify, but I really think this song should. Pihka Ja Myrsky could even win the whole thing and I wouldn't complain if they did  They need to be great live though - otherwise it could be a disaster.. 4/5

Blogilkar: I really like the arrangement and the two singer mix is nice. The song is kinda nice, very 90s pop and makes me think of some French songs at that period. Yet it is also very Finnish one. But somehow I really want to like this band! Is this song strong enough for Eurovision? Propably not unfortunately but I will surely keep eye on them in the future (and dig deep into their past releases)! I'm a fan and hope they will make the final! 4/5
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