Thursday, January 22, 2015


Otto Ivar debuts as solo singer after years in various bands, most notably Superscar, that released one album and toured Europe. Otto is a big Eurovision fan and has dreamed of taking part since forever. He sent his first demo to the contest at 16 and finally he has arrived with Truth or dare! He comes from Kokkola and releases stress by boxing. Music is his life and he says his living his dream right now: waking up in the morning, making coffee and going to his studio to write some new music. He likes to dress smart and takes pride of the best fitting jacket in #umk15. And his video was shot in Iceland.
Timo: I was wondering while listening this song how it can be so full of nothingness. Is Finnish pop music always this bland? Or Finnish music in general? It is not finished, just left like it was a demo and in the end it says nothing to no one and moves nothing. Could someone for once really take control and make something that shakes you, either with love or hate, but awakes some, any emotions? 3/5

Jack: Truth or Dare is a decent pop tune and he looks the part but I feel something is lacking... Otto could make the final if his performance is good enough but at the moment, I'm not seeing this one as a qualifier. It's decent although a bit average 3/5 

Michele: Fresh pop but a little dated. You can hear the 90s in it. Not very incisive and moder. But one can listen to it. 3/5 

Blogilkar: I have to agree with the other reviewers. I had it hard to concentrate on listening as my mind started wandering elsewhere. Uninteresting, heard before, nothing original. Can't really remember a thing afterwards. He's ok, the song's ok, all's ok. Yet it's not working. Imperfectly perfect.  2/5
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