Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Ida Bois presents self written Kumbaya. She's 26-year-old mother of three and has released already three albums (but this blogger is afraid no one has ever heard of them) and she's also a master skateboarder (in fact they have already a skateboarding match planned with Vilikasper) and church goer. She likes to read historic novels and just can't stop writing music. Her musical style is very flexible, in fact she says she's being influenced always of the music around her and in charts. Only one thing remain solid: her piano. And pop. She may have been more rock or basic pop but now she's getting more EDM/folktronika vibe in hernew songs. She also has always cloathes in freezer. She always freezes new cloathing. And should she win, Kumbaya will stay in Finnish in Vienna. 
Jack: I think this song is fabulous. It has a great beat and I really hope she will do well. Ida deserves to qualify for the final - I'm looking forward to seeing her perform it live. Loving the EDM vibe as well. I don't think she will win but she will make the final. I hope! 4/5 

Timo: First of all, what does it mean, Kumbaya? I googled: "spiritual song" sung around a campfire song ... Music sounded pretty nice ten seconds somewhere in between, but is it enough even for two points? I can't expect this being very popular and having success either.... bleah.... 2/5

Michele: Well produced but not very original. Might work in English... in Finnish it is only half way there.... 3/5

Blogilkar: In theory this could be great. Nice voice, good sound and arrangement. Pop at its best. But everytime the song gets going and gears up the beat it stops after awhile and nothing really comes out of it. Like the EDM vibe was only there to tease us a bit.... Annoying. I would take the pieces, tear them apart and rebuild the whole song.... 3/5

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