Monday, January 26, 2015


Aikuinen (or Pekka Eronen) may not be a household name but he has written lyrics to other artists (Haloo Helsinki and Irina just to name a couple) so far and then he "had songs that were unsuitable for anyone else so I had to sing myself" as he puts it. He is also known as a movie critic. Writing music is a way of living for him, he would go nuts without it. His debut single Partajaana (liberally translates to Bearded Jane) got minor attention and he plans to go on with this kind of music that is melancholy but nice to dance to. If he wins he will bring that bearded single of his to Conchita Wurst, she'd propably appreciate it. But for #umk15 he offers us a drink called Kyynelten lahti (Bay of tears)
Jack: Now I can completely understand that some people won't like this but I think it's cute. The video-clip is hilarious, weird and intriguing. I can't understand word and I know the song sounds rather dated although I do like it. I can't help myself but like it. I don't expect him to qualify, sadly. 4/5 

Timo: Sounds like some comedy series jingle – this doesn't feel like any serious composition for a music contest. Somehow old-fashioned ... 80's maybe? You won't get very far with this kind of a song, especially when you don't even want to listen to it until the end except when forced. Like now. 1/5

Michele:I don't get this. Certainly understanding the text would help to get a clearer idea ... but as a foreigner I find this really difficult and not very engaging. The only way (for me) would be a very special performance, with the risk of turning everything into a circus. 1/5

Blogilkar: In some weird way I like this. The lyrics are funny and the song itself so idiotic (in a good way) I can't but listen and smile and hum along. This said, this could become a local hit but would propably never work in Eurovision. "This drink is called bay of tears and it is to be enjoued alone....." as the lyrics go.... 4/5

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