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I stopped following the Cypriot marathon song project after first episode but now finally something interesting seems to come out of it: Eva Diva, one of the contestants wasn't apparently pleased Mr Melodifestivalen Christer Björkman was invited as a guest judge and had a say about the whole, especially Ms Diva herself. Mind you, I haven't heard her song nor her ever, but I stand by her fully. Various Björkmans of the world should stick to their own nation's selection and leave the other nations to their own fate. 
Anyways, it seems Ms Diva posted on her Facebook the following shortly after her audition and yes, she does have a point. Apparently she didn't pass.....
"Τell me please which other country does boot camp for the Eurovision Song Contest? Its all bull shit! they should choose 20 singers and let the public decide!I was called many BAD things on the show,Like FAKE and my clothes were critisized.. Christer Björkman – Mr Melodifestival U ARE AN ASSHOLE AND YOU LOOK LIKE ONE TOO... DONT FUCKING TELL ME ABOUT MY CLOTHES LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!! DONT MATTER WHAT YOU WEAR DOES IT?IS THIS A FASHION COMPETITION?I HAD TO PAY FOR THE CLOTHES I WAS WEARING-I HAD TO PAY A DANCE SCHOOL TO HELP ME WITH MY MOVES AND THEN WE GET CRITISIZED ON TOP FOR LOOKING GOOD-GO AND FUCK YOUR SELVES !!!!!!THE ONLY FAKE PERSON HERE IS THE FUCKING TV NOT ME!THIS IS NOT THE END -BEC I DONT LET ANYONE MAKE A FOOL OF ME!Cyprus will never go forward and it shows...always and forever making the same fucking wanted to bring Christer Björkman bec it makes cyprus look good ...HOW DARE RIK BRING HIM.... WHAT FOR??? HE MADE EVERYONE LOOK BAD EVERY ONE HE NEVER HAD ANYTHING NICE TO FUCKING SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I DONT GO ON ANY COMPETITION IN CYPRUS BEC ITS A FUCKING MAFIA PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


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Update! Another thing got Swedes talking last night: Carola's boobs when she was giving away an award. This is not the first time her boombs cause headlines; her misfortunate adventures in the 80's in Japan wer explained with her boobs being too big for Japanese market. Ok.... Or was it the song ? Anyways, Carola apologies and says she thinks the dress is stylish and elegant (even her friends said so) and she's a mature woman in her 40s, not a 16-year-old girl and looks like one. The Swedish Oscars, Guldbagge awards were given out last night. Carola was there as a guest star to sing Barbra Streisand's The way we were when honoring the movie stars who passed away during 2012. However, the cameras were too much on Carola, not on the stars showed in photos in the background and that upset many viewers as that part of the show was to celebrate them, not Carola. Oh well...  The producer of the show tells in Aftonbladet the part of the show was made the sam



Well, I have been waiting for this. The photos have been online for years. The British rubbish media has made a story of Sergey Lazarev's "fetish porn past". LOL. How funny. Kreml and Putin are apparently very worried and denying their entrant has a lurid past. And trying to get them off internet. Yeah right. LOL. Photos are explicit. Yeah, you can see his bare bum. All in all this is just so funny. And for you enjoyment here are the "porn" pics.    Oh Daily Star,  You are the only one, such a source of joy! I have originally posted this photo already in January 2011