Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Latvian tv has made public the artists and songs competing in the remodelled national final, called Supernova. Before the final on February 22 there will be four shows: first two semifinals with ten songs each, five of them will make the final. The third show will showcase these ten songs only and there's no elimination. In the next heat eliminations are on and only four songs will make the final. But - a big and weird but: the jury can take a song that has been eliminated and give it to a singer who is still in the competition, thus making the one in question change the song! Now that's a first.... and I thought no one can make up any new comic rules in the national final.... Oh well... Anyways, here are the twenty and their songs - for now at least :-) Among the artists Markus Riva from last year.

Antra Stafecka – It’s the Night
Ornella – Angel
Katrina Sindere – Run to You
Aminata – Love Injected
Markus Riva – Take Me Down
Gunars Gaumigs – Life Lines
Atis Ievins – Catfish
Minta – Nefelibata
Martins Ruskis & Ginta Krievkalna – Desesis
Rihards Berzens – Your Eyes
Euphony – Home
Signe – Sweet Girl
Dima Milenin ft. Kamilla – Colours of Love
Linda Kaukule – Save our Love
Lana Svilpe – Lions
Katrina Ciruls – Bass
Framest – Ziema
The Stones – Free Your Mind
Elektro Folk – Dieva Deli
Riga Metro – High Heels

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