Saturday, January 24, 2015


Shava takes us to a mall with Ostarilla.  The group has been together since 2004 but only a few years ago they have moved from private settings to public when they realized the world needs bhangra music in Finnish. Since then they have been spreading the bhangra virus besides Finland also abroad, from Iceland to Vancouver and New York. They love to eat and confess being addicted to coffee and chai. Their aim is to spread some happiness and show that bhangra is something that unites suburbian nomads from Bombay to East-Helsinki. They are also the only bhangra group in the world singing in Finnish. 
Timo: Ok, now we go to Bollywood. I have to say they have selected very different songs this year. All in all this isn't so special, could have been better but it's interesting anyhow 2/5

Jack: Shava are bringing Bollywood to Finland's Eurovision selection it seems. I do actually really like their song because it's different. However I don't think it's good enough to win the whole thing. Will they make the UMK final? Probably and that isn't a bad thing at all. 3/5 

Michele: Although I'm not at all a fan of rap I like this. How to explain it? First, I find the pairing of oriental sound and Finnish language very effective ... and I like the production. Brings a breath of freshness and it is catchy 4/5

Blogilkar: This is much better than I expected beforehand. The rather tragic love at first sight happening in the mall and Finnish melodrama meeting Bollywood. It is catchy, memorable, fun and colorful. But would I like to see this in Vienna for us? No. Call me a stubborn old fart but I want a proper song and not something that would be labelled as a joke entry. This can become a summer hit and UMK should serve also for that, but for Vienna I want something else. 3/5
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