Saturday, January 24, 2015


Also Cyprus has nearly come to and end with its long selection marathon aka Eurovision Song Project and we have the six finalists only left. The final will take place on February 1, and will be streamed live by There's Cypriot rock, an Eurovision ballad in Greek-French, Cypriot Enrique Iglesias, a touch of Armenia, Constantinos little brother and male Lisa Andreas. It's almost a full male cast Charis being the only female among them.... Among all that crap they managed to get together a rather decent line up (considering what was in offer). One of the best was however left outside: Meine by Christos Rialas. 

Minus One – Shine
Nearchos Evangelou & Charis Savva – Deila den agapo
Hovig – Stone in a river
Doody – Magic
Panagiotis Koufogiannis – Without your love (video)
Giannis Karagiannis – One thing I should have done

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