Tuesday, January 20, 2015


After venue, slogan, theme art and presenters here comes the stage design. ORF's got its eye on you. “The vision for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is the bridge from the past to the present and the future. The eye is a symbol of this bridge – a mutual respect between cultures, countries and people.” explains Kathrin Zechner, ORF’s TV director. The stage consists of 1288 individual pillars and measures 44 metres in width, 14,3 metres in height and up to 22 metres in depth. The LED pillars can produce a wide variety of lighting effects as can the 11 metre diameter stage floor. In the background, there is another LED wall of 22 metres wide and 8,5 metres high. As we knew already before, it's design is by Florian Wieder. He's been helped by lighting designer Al Gurdon and director Kurt Pongratz.
With first look at these pics this blogger thinks of Helsinki 2007 somehow.....

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